Saturday, January 8, 2011

Slow Carb Diet

I'm trying a diet with a few coworkers.  It's called a "slow carb diet," and slow refers to how fast the body turns the carbs into glucose.  Slow carbs have a low glycemic index.

The diet is outlined in the book, Four Hour Body, and in this blog post by the author, Timothy Ferris.  One of the other things he recommends is to keep track of what you eat by using photos (instead of calorie counting or a journal.)  To that end, I've started a diet blog.  It's called My Slow Carb Diet.

Sharing the photos is easy.  In blogger, you can enable blog updates by email or text message.  After I've taken a picture with my phone, it offers to send it someplace.  I choose to send it to my blog via email.  It's simple and quick.  If you're an iPhone user, has an app that makes it even easier.

If you are doing or will do the same thing, share your blog in the comments, and I'll follow it.

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  1. Hi Matt,
    I'm trying out the Four Hour Body as well, and also started a blog to document some of the recipes that I find or create for a slow carb diet. Any chance you'd be interested in linking to my page off of yours? I'm at I'd be happy to link back to you as well. Thanks!