Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weekend Project: Hanger on laundry sorter

We've had a laundry sorter with a hanger on our wish list for a while now. I recently did some shopping for one, and the closest to what we wanted was over a hundred dollars. The thing is, we already have a laundry sorter that we like. We just wish there was a hanger on it.

What to do? Why, put on on there myself.

I spent a few hours this weekend and produced this:

I used a couple of 10' PVC pipes. They were 1 inch, high pressure pipes for sturdiness. To mount the hanger on the cart, I cut the 'T' fittings into half circles and fastened them to the cart handles with band clamps. The handles are not round which gives unexpected stability once the band clamps where tightened. I thought I might have to put cross members on it to keep it from lurching; but it is very solid.

Total cost: about 4 hours of time (including shopping and cleanup) + $27 in material.

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